My team


Name ID Blog Grade
Ruilong Chen SilentSelene 2017
Yangxi Xiang kamiyoru 2017
Chen Ling HumveeA6 2017

Codeforces Page


Name Date
2018 ACM-ICPC Asia Jiaozuo Regional Contest Bronze Medal 2018.11.25
2018 China Collegiate Programming Contest(CCPC), Qinghuangdao onsite, Bronze Medal 2018.9.28
2019 ICPC China Xian National Invitational Programming Contest, Gold Medal 2019.5.19
2019 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest, Silver Medal 2019.10.27


Formed on 2018.6.13.

The first contest was 2018 Multi-University Training Contest 7 .

The first onsite contest was 2018 China Collegiate Programming Contest(CCPC) ,Qinghuangdao on 2018.9.28.

The team was dismissed on 2019.10.28 after the last contest,the 2019 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest.

Scoreboard of the 2019 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest(our last onsite contest)